Hard Hockey Development & 
Prep Camps
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Randall Weber: Owner/ Head Instructor
Professional Hockey Player -17 yrs
Hockey Coach - 25yrs 


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HARD HOCKEY provides a range of programs for the player looking to "reach the next level" on their hockey pathway. 

Current programs & services include:

DEVELOPMENT CAMPS - These camps are designed to improve a players overall hockey skill set. We cover all aspects of a players on-ice development and challenge them to improve in the following areas: powerful skating, all shooting techniques, confident stick handling. We also specialize on 'in game' skill set development, these are the skill sets you require to read and play the game.    

PREP CAMPS - Specialty camps designed to prepare any player for the hockey opportunities ahead of them. These camps are highly challenging and prepare all players to be at their best for any camps / tryouts they may be preparing for. 

MINOR HOCKEY SUPPORT - This service is geared towards the minor hockey associations and teams looking to assist their coaches through the season. We offer on-ice assistance with practices and are happy to help coaches looking for new or simply more development ideas.